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10:36 A.m. - Rams Camp update

10:36 a.m., Thursday... Arrived in Muquon, Wisconsin last night... this place is gorgeous, right off Lake Michigan, temperature is a perfect 75-degrees... it feels like the football season up here. Trust me, heat will not be an issue at camp this year.

For now, it is just me, some of the guys from 590 The Fan and a security guard. No sign of the team and coaching staff, they should start rolling in shortly after noon today. Check-in time is around 1 p.m.

Concordia University has new facilities and they look great. The Rams will be working on the main football field and a practice field on the side. The dorms are all remodeled and ready to go...and so are we. Check back through the day and I will keep you posted what is shaking up this way.

Todd Schumacher, News 4 Sports

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