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Why I Hate Trade Deadlines

I'll probably be bashed for being a whiny media guy but I have to get something off my chest. I hate when the trade deadline rolls around in any sport and specifically baseball. It isn't because the GM's and management types either say nothing or totally mislead you on what their respective team is going to do. I understand that because we are a conduit of information they sometimes want us to put out bad information for their own dealings. That I can deal with.

It isn't because there is the constant scouring of different websites and networks looking for little clues on what the local team is going to do. That is part of my job to be informed so that doesn't bother me.

The part that drives me nuts this time of year is the fans who just throw everything against the wall in blogs, phone calls and e-mails to trade every player on the roster. Or to bash the local General Manager because he hasn't made a deal at this exact moment. Or to bash the team for being cheap or some other agenda on why the Cardinals have personally wronged their fan base because they haven't made a deal to this point.

What the average fan doesn't understand is that trading a player is not like your fantasy baseball league. It isn't just a couple clicks of the mouse to make it happen. There are a lot of considerations and people that have to be consulted before a deal can go down. The GM, the scouting department, the manager and ultimately the owner all have to sign off on these things before they go down.

Think of it this way. Look at your own place of employment. When a major decision is made how many people does it have to go through before it really happens. Now throw in the millions of dollars that are trading hands in these transactions and you can see how it complicates things greatly. The average person doesn't see it that way. We routinely get phone calls and e-mails complaing that the Cardinals haven't made a move and traded fill in the blank.

The other thing that drives me nuts is that the average to below average fan thinks that you can trade the likes of a Chris Duncan and Anthony Reyes for an All-Star starter. There are 29 other GM's and scouting departments that are watching all these games too. They know what is going on in the game. Do you think that they are going to take your trash and say sure we are going to give up a stud? It just doesn't happen that way.

Deals happen when it makes sense for both teams and it fills their needs. You only need to look at the Mark Teixiera deal today. The Braves were not going to resign him. The Angels needed a power hitting first baseman who could be the difference in winning a World Series. The Braves got a good hitting first baseman who is a possible 30 HR hitter and a minor leaguer. It makes perfect sense for both teams.

That is what you see at the trade deadline. Deals that make sense for all involved. If the Cardinals do pull the trigger on a trade in the next 48 hours that is why it will have happened. Not because the Cardinals just want to make a deal happen.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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