Bad Signs For Rams and Cardinals -

Bad Signs For Rams and Cardinals

I don't know if this is the most depressing 24 hours in St. Louis sports history but it is certainly up there. Tonight we watched Chris Carpenter pitching well and then all of a sudden Barry Weinberg and Tony La Russa are going to the mound to take him out due to an injury. Right now they are saying it is a right tricep strain. I am not a doctor but that can't be good.

I won't jump to any conclusions further than that but if they lose Carpenter for any length of time it would be hard to believe they are going to make the playoffs. It of course begs the question does that change things for Adam Wainwright and can the Cardinals snag anyone off the waiver wire? Those questions will have to be answered after we figure out the extent of the injury. Stay tuned to for more updates on that situation.

The other very concerning thing from the weekend was the dismantling of the Rams in Tennessee on Saturday night. From the Rams run defense disappearing, the offense not scoring and Marc Bulger not looking right it was a total disaster. In past seasons, good and bad, there were at least some little signs that told you the season could be a success. Sometimes the signs meant nothing but at least they provided some hope. I keep looking at this team and this season and I am not seeing any hope. They have a brutal schedule and the things that plagued this team last season all were right back on display on Saturday night.

This is not about Steven Jackson not being here. The problems run much deeper than that. The last time I checked Steven didn't play defensive tackle or linebacker. The Rams are still just getting run over. The other thing that scares me about this team is the lack of depth at all positions. When you are not deep it really shows in pre-season games. The Rams are just not as good as other teams on their second and third lines. That is a direct effect of poor drafting. As the season goes along you will have injuries and you have to not have a falloff. The Rams clearly do. When you add that to a horrible schedule to start the season you have to think the hotseat that Scott Linehan is already on is getting hotter by the second.

Hope is fading at Busch Stadium and Rams Camp and we are only in the first weeks of August. I have a feeling sports fans are going to be hanging their hats on the Missouri and Illinois football teams this fall.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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