Carpenter/Wainwright Intrigue -

Carpenter/Wainwright Intrigue

Please allow me to play a game of connect the dots. None of this has been acknowledged or explained to me by anyone in the Cardinals organization but I am going to make some assumptions and take some guesses.

Chris Carpenter was sent back to St. Louis for a meeting with the doctor tomorrow morning. Clearly to everyone that means that things are not as good as was hoped after the game last night in Chicago. It means at least a missed start 95% of the time.

Then we receive word tonight that Adam Wainwright who was supposedly being prepped to be a closer pitches again in Memphis tonight. You would expect it to be about a 2 inning outing with a 25-30 pitch cap. The linescore pops up tonight that he pitched 3 innings and went 48 pitches deep.

Now please allow me to put two and two together. Last time I checked a closer doesn't go 3 innings and throw 100 pitches total with warm-ups. It also happens on the same day they are sending Carpenter back to St. Louis with an injury. Which also coincides with the Cardinals going into a strectch where they can go on a 4 man rotation for awhile because of the amount of off days coming up.

To me all this adds up to Adam Wainwright coming back as a starter. I know he talked about previously that he didn't want to be yo-yo'd back and forth. I think the Cardinals have done exactly that. This was the only time they could do this before Wainwright was going to be committed to the bullpen.

Again I don't know any of this to be fact but I am just looking at some indicators and it sure looks to me like the plan has changed on Adam Wainwright.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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