More On Carpenter and Wainwright -

More On Carpenter and Wainwright

As predicted last night it looks like Adam Wainwright is going to become a starter again. Not that it took Nostradamus to figure that one out. Wainwright was scheduled to pitch on Thursday in Memphis but word just came down from the Cardinals that he will now be pitching for Springfield on Saturday. The math says that it is 5 days between appearances which means they are getting him ready to be the starter.

Now for the odd part of the story. Chris Carpenter still has not made it back to St. Louis as of late this afternoon because there were only two direct flights from Miami to St. Louis and they put him on the afternoon flight. This begs two questions.

First how in the world do the Cardinals not charter a flight to get their most important pitcher back to St. Louis as quick as possible to see the doctor? This is a multi-million dollar corporation and they are not going to get a chartered flight for him? That seems odd.

Second does this mean the Cardinals already know what the doctor is going to say, or have they already decided they are not going to push Carpenter and shut him down for the rest of the season?

It sures seems to me, knowing the Cardinals recent history with injury reporting, that the Carpenter situation is a whole lot worse then they are letting on. I am thinking that best case he will be back in September. I shudder to think what worst case scenario may mean for Carpenter and the Cardinals.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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