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Wainwright/Carpenter and Moving Forward

Today was D-Day over at Busch Stadium. Both Adam Wainwright and Chris Carpenter threw as they both attempt to get healthy and back onto the active roster. Adam Wainwirght told reporters immediately after his throwing session that he was ready to go and ready to come back as a starter. Chris Carpenter did not speak to the assembled reporters before tonight's game but did tell Post-Dispatch's Rick Hummel that he "felt good".

What was interesting to me, before the game, was that the Cardinals were still non-committal on where Adam Wainwright fit into the Cardinals pitching staff. Wainwright was emphatic that he wanted to come back as a starter and as far as I am concerned that is exactly what the Cardinals need to do. It is pretty obvious to me at this point that Chris Perez needs to be the closer for the rest of the season. The jury is still out if he will be a dominant closer in the majors but the only way we are going to find out is if he gets thrown into the fire and has the job for the remaining 6 weeks of the season.

I don't think the Cardinals should concern themselves with what happens to the rotation when and if Carpenter is ready to go. They can cross that bridge when they come to it. The way this season has gone the problem will probably solve itself. Either Carpenter won't come back at all or some other pitcher will go down between now and then. My opinion is they should get Carpenter ready safely and then figure it out once they get there.

This homestand is a crucial time for the Cardinals. They have 7 games in 11 days so they should be well rested. On top of that they have 5 games against two teams that have already packed it in in the Pirates and Braves. Add on top of that two with the Brewers and it shows you how important wins are in this homestand. If the Cardinals are serious about making the wild card they need to win at least 5 of these games.

The weather has turned cooler and September is just around the corner. We are going to find out in the next 2 weeks if the Cardinals are players or will be watching the pennant race from the sidelines.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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