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When It Rains It Pours

There are days in the TV business where you really don't have a lead story and things get boring. Then there are days like today where you not only have one lead story but you have multiple stories that on any particular day would be your lead. Unfortunately on those days you have to be cut the stories down to the bare minimum because of time constraints. Today was definitely one of those days.

First, and the biggest story of the day, was the story of Steven Jackson returning to Rams Park. This obviously means a deal is going to happen here in the next 24-48 hours that will both make Steven a very rich man and will guarantee that he is a Ram for the forseeable future. The holdout doesn't bother me so much because it is just business. There should be enough time to get ready for the Eagles on September 7th. What does bother me is that I don't think Steven will mend the fences between himself and the fan base. He has been very outspoken about the fans here in St. Louis and now that he is going to be one of the faces of this franchise for the next 5 years he needs get everyone behind him. My guess is from what I have seen and heard he won't do it. Holdouts are an ugly side of the NFL business. Now is the time to heal some wounds with the fanbase. I hope he knows that.

The second big story of the day is the end of Jason Isringhausen's season and possibly career. The Cardinals tried to slide that under the radar last night after the game but this is a major shift in the Cardinals franchise. Several points to make here. First Jason Isringhausen has been a standup guys since he arrived here in 2002. Was it always perfect? No. But he was a darn good closer and arguably one of the top closers in franchise history. He went out and did his best and stood there and took it from the fans and media when things went bad.

What I don't understand is why Tony La Russa threw him under the bus saying that he was trying to be a hero to the detriment of the team? An athlete should do everything he can to play especially at the professional level. That is not something to criticize. That is something to honor. It was apparant to everyone else watching that he wasn't right. It is not the responsibility of Izzy to pull himself out. If he is called upon he will throw. Tony should have known better. It isn't Jason's fault that he tried to do his job every night.

The next major story to come out of the Cardinals was that Adam Wainwright will start on Friday. I can't tell you how happy it makes me that they finally arrived at the right decision. If he is ready to go Wainwright starts. End of story.

Also this afternoon Kyle Lohse was suspended by MLB for his throwing at Edinson Volquez. Two things here. First don't insult my intelligence by telling me the Cardinals didn't throw at Volquez. They clearly did so Kyle and Tony don't tell me you didn't. I am sure that Lohse and La Russa didn't mean to hit him (which they didn't) but they did mean to send a message. What I don't understand is how Volquez can not be suspended for hitting Felipe Lopez. It was a reatliation as clearly as Lohse's pitch was. Either both are suspended or no one is suspended.

Two other quick notes from the day. First Kevin Curtis of the Eagles was diagnosed with a sports hernia today which means he will miss the opener against the Rams. That is a huge break for the Rams considering their secondary is in disarray. Second congratulations to Dawn Harper for winning a gold medal. I think NBC focused a little too much on the unfortunate misstep by her teammate but every sporting event is decided on one play or one step so there is nothing tainted about her win. A gold medal in my mind is still the highest accomplishment in sports. You are the greatest in the WORLD in your sport. That is something that can never be taken away from a girl who grew up on the tough streets of East St. Louis. A Tremendous story and accomplishment.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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