The Ugly American -

The Ugly American

If you have ever left the borders of our great country you realize that the rest of the world has quite a different view of Americans than we do of ourselves. Some countries have very positive views of Americans while others clearly do not. But there is a reason the term ugly American has come about. We as Americans do tend to think we're a little bit better than everyone else. I actually do believe we are in the greatest country in the world. You may be asking yourself at this point what this has to do with sports. Well here is the connection. In world sporting events I believe the United States should win every one of them and I don't mean just the "major" sports but I mean EVERY sport.

It really ticks me off that we don't win every event in the Olympics. It bothers me when the U.S. loses. I realized that this morning when I was getting really getting ticked off that the US team couldn't beat Japan in softball this morning. The game kept getting later and later and they couldn't pull ahead. Now outside of Jennie Finch I couldn't tell you anyone else who was on that team before this morning. But somehow I am getting emotionally invested. It is clearly because of my American snobbery. I just think we are in one of the richest nations in the world with some of the smartest people in the world and there is no reason we shouldn't win everything.

There are a couple specific sports we should never be losing in the Olympics under any circumstances.....


We invented these sports and there are millions of children in this country who grow up playing these sports every summer. There is no reason in the world to ever lose them.


Last I checked Dr. Naismith had a couple extra peach baskets in the good ol' USA and invented the game. We have tons of kids playing this everyday as well. No excuse to ever lose the gold medal here.


How is it possible we haven't won a men's gold medal or a World Cup in this sport. For 25 years we have had children playing soccer all the time and yet we can't dominate this sport? Doesn't make sense. My goodness we even have the term soccer mom. Why aren't they raising their kids to beat the rest of the world in this sport?


This country was built on people hopping on horses and going across the country. Not to mention all the Western's this country has produced. John Wayne and Clint Eastwood wouldn't lose an equestrian event. No reason not to win there.


The vast majority of people's ancestors had to get across the Atlantic Ocean somehow. It is in our blood. No reason not to be winning these events.


Every Saturday and Sunday in the Fall we have very large men with big muscles beat up on each other in the game of football. I suspect we could get one or two of them to outlift some guy from Belarus to win the gold.


If this country has an obsession with anything it is with guns. Not to veer to far off into the political spectrum here but if the NRA is going to spend so much money to make sure everyone can have a gun then they should spend some of their money making sure that one of their members is bringing home the gold for the U.S. every four years.

So maybe all of this makes me an ugly American but if we are going to claim being the best then we need to be the best in every sport in the world no matter how silly the events are. Even if it is Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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