NFL Picks Week 1 -

NFL Picks Week 1

So it is finally that time. America's true pasttime finally begins. Tomorrow night we finally kick off the NFL season for real. Most every team has reason for optimism. Even Scott Linehan and the Rams. They may not have visions of the Lombardi Trophy coming down Market, but they can at least think they are a playoff caliber team for a few more weeks. I have no idea who will be winning the Super Bowl this year but I have channeled the Great Carnac and come up with the winners for Week One of the NFL season. These selections are for entertainment purposes only of course.....

Rams vs. Eagles

This one I had in the loss column for the Rams when the NFL schedule first came out but I have been getting a better feeling as training camp has gone on. I don't think the Rams are a great team but I don't necessarily think the Eagles are that much better than the Rams. I think the Eagles are a good football team but not great. That gives the Rams a chance. This game is going to come down to if the Rams offensive line can hold back the blitz of Jim Johnson's Eagles D. I think the game will go to the Eagles but it will be a lot closer than people think......EAGLES 20 Rams 17.

Here are the rest of the games......


Washington vs. NY Giants: The Redskins are a good team but the Super Bowl Champs don't lose at home on opening night. PICK: GIANTS


Detroit vs. Atlanta: Don't count on a rookie quarterback (Matt Ryan) to win his first game. PICK: LIONS

Seattle vs. Buffalo: This one looks like a trap for the Seahawks. To fly across the country to start the season is not an easy task but Mike Holmgren is probably the most underrated coach in NFL history. He is a winner. PICK: SEAHAWKS

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee: The Jaguars have been a sexy pick to surprise this season. I don't think the other "experts" are wrong but I think this year the Titans may surprise as well. PICK: TITANS

NY Jets vs. Miami: Brett Favre will not lose his first game in the green and white. No way. PICK: JETS

Kansas City vs. New England: I already know the Chiefs fans will be polluting my voicemail because we are airing the Jets/Dolphins game over this one. For that alone I should just pick the Patriots but I won't. I'll pick them because the Chiefs are way over matched. It is entirely possible that the Missouri Tigers win more games in 2008 than the Rams and Chiefs combined. PICK: PATRIOTS

Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans: I would have picked the Bucs to win this one except I think the Saints will be playing for an entire city recovering from Gustav this week. I won't pick against that. PICK: SAINTS

Houston vs. Pittsburgh: I wonder if the Steelers might be on the downswing. This first game will be a true test because the Texans are absolutely on the rise and may sneak into the playoffs. I won't pick Houston on the road though. PICK: STEELERS

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore: I said earlier that I won't pick a rookie quarterback. I will here. The Bengals are a mess. Even more so than the Ravens. PICK: RAVENS

Carolina vs. San Diego: The Chargers won't lose at home to a Steve Smithless team. If it was a street fight I would take the Panthers but it isn't. PICK: CHARGERS

Arizona vs. San Francisco: This is I believe the 10th year in a row that we have heard about the Cardinals being the surprise team in the NFC. Don't believe it. It is the reunion of Kurt Warner and Isaac Bruce in the bizzaro world that is the NFL. The Cardinals did the right thing in starting Kurt. But I will take Isaac in this one. PICK: 49ERS

Dallas vs. Cleveland: Before we coronate the Cowboys this season lets remember that football is a team game and having that many egos together is going to be difficult. That being said they have plenty to get by the Browns in the first week. PICK: COWBOYS

Chicago vs. Indianapolis: Peyton Manning hasn't thrown a meaningful pass since the playoffs. Luckily they aren't playing a meaningful game in the first week. PICK: COLTS


Minnesota vs. Green Bay: Did the Vikings call Brett Favre? Why wouldn't they. They are probably one quarterback away from being a Super Bowl contender. They might be one anyway. Count me as a big believer in Minnesota and again don't count on the rookie quarterback. PICK: VIKINGS

Denver vs. Oakland: The Raiders seem to be taking steps in the right direction but it won't matter this week. Again don't pick the rookie quarterback. PICK: BRONCOS

We'll keep track as we go and let me know what you think or heckle if you like. I have thick skin.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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