St. Louis IS a Football Town -

St. Louis IS a Football Town

I know the city of St. Louis has not had the best two year stretch. The town has had one of it's civic treasures sold. Crime is up. Unemployment is up. House prices are down and, something not nearly as serious, the local professional sports teams have not been good. This town is suffering from an identity crisis right now.

One of the issues that has been called into question in the local sports scene has been the Rams relationship with the city of St. Louis. Specifically the team's future not only in the Dome but in the metro area at all. There is a running argument that St. Louis is not a football town. While I wouldn't be stupid enough to compare this city's football fans to that of Green Bay or Pittsburgh I would say that this is a very good football town and here is why.....

People are REALLY ticked off at the Rams today.

If this was a personal blog I would use a different word but they are really steamed about what happened to the Rams yesterday. It shows that there is a passion for the sport and this team here in St. Louis. The reason being....if they didn't care then what happened yesterday really wouldn't matter to anyone which is what Los Angeles is like with professional football. This town wants the team to be good. They are frustrated, and if you are frustrated by something it shows that you care for it. Everywhere you went in town people were talking about the Rams. They weren't talking about the golf tournament. They weren't talking about the Cardinals holding on for dear life. They were talking about the disaster in Philly. That may not be the press the Rams are looking for but they should at least know that the fan base is still there following their team week by week. The fans have not lost interest but they are VERY mad.

They are mad at a coach who does not inspire confidence from the fanbase and possibly the team. They are mad a running back who runs for 40 yards. The same running back who held out for more money then most everyone will make in their lifetime and then has the audacity question their fanhood. They are mad at a free agent wide receiver who has been a complete bust. They are mad at watching high draft picks go bust. They are mad to watch the same stupid mistakes made game after game. They are mad that the three hours they used to look forward too every Sunday has been ruined with what is passing as a professional football team in this city.

The game this weekend is probably going to be a sellout so here is what I hope happens this Sunday at the Dome. I hope that the crowd is 100% with the Rams from the start and in their seats ready to go at Noon. I then hope they are doing everything they can to support the team. If the Rams put up as pathetic, gutless, lifeless of an effort as they did in Philadelphia then I hope that the fans all stick around to boo and heckle the entire Rams franchise for the whole second half.

If the team is as bad as they were against the Eagles and the entire Dome were to do that in front of all of the New York media that will be in town then that will send a HUGE message throughout the entire league. It will send the message that this town IS a football town and we demand a better team. This season can't be a total loss. This town has gone through too much to watch another pathetic pro football season and it's fanbase deserves better than this.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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