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Rams Grasping At Straws

Word out of Rams Park today is that the Rams have signed former first round draft pick Eddie Kennison to a contract. If this isn't a desperation move I don't know what is. Why in the world would the Rams need to sign a 35 year old wide receiver off the scrap heap? It wasn't like Kennison was a productive receiver in 2007 or even in 2006. It's not like he just missed out on making someone else's roster. He wasn't even in anyone's camp. This is a desperation move that would not be made if it wasn't for Al Saunders being here. Saunders coached Kennison in Kansas City.

There are a thousand problems with the Rams and this may be among the biggest. I really don't understand what they are doing at wide receiver. They let an up and coming productive receiver go in Kevin Curtis and sign Drew Bennett to a ridiculous contract. That has been a complete bust. They let an aging receiver (Isaac Bruce) go because he is getting slow and then they sign Kennison? They draft two wide receivers in the draft this year because they need to get younger quicker. One gets hurt (Donnie Avery) which is beyond the Rams control, but then they don't use Keenan Burton who shows some promise.

On top of that they continue to use Dante Hall as a wide receiver. Dante Hall is nothing more than a returner. There is great value in that but if I see him lineup at receiver one more time I am going to scream. Then there is Dane Looker who is now the #3 receiver. I like Looker and he has value but that is a guy who needs to be on 3rd and 5 plays and that is about it. He is a solid possession receiver. Then you have the All-Pro Torry Holt who gets exactly one catch in the season opener. It all just drives me nuts.

It is hard to believe I am writing this in the second week of September but this season looks like it is already done. The signing of Eddie Kennison just shows you how bad the situation is at Rams Park.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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