NFL Picks Week 2 -

NFL Picks Week 2

So what did we learn from Week One in the NFL? We learned that the Rams are bad. Really bad. We learned the Dallas Cowboys are good. Really good. The other thing we learned was that the NFL will still be unpredictable. Who had the Panthers winning in San Diego? Who had Tom Brady's season being done 8 minutes into the season? This season will provide another roller coaster year in which once you think you have it figured out it will turn on you in a second. With that here are my picks for Week 2. As always these are for just recreational purposes....

NY Giants vs. Rams: There is no chance that the Rams would lay as big of an egg as they did in Philly last week.....I think. The Rams just have to play better. I don't think they will win but there won't be as big of a spread as last week. Pick: Giants

Tennessee vs. Cincinnati: This is the NFL in 2008. On one team you have a quarterback in which his team is worrying about his "emotional well-being". On the other side you have a wide receiver who changes his name to Ocho Cinco but before he can change it on his jersey he has to buy back $4 million dollars worth of merchandise so he can roll out the new stuff. What a country. The Titans are a better coached team so I will take them and their fragile quarterback. Pick: Titans

Green Bay vs. Detroit: A great start for Aaron Rodgers. I don't think they will be forgetting #4 anytime soon up there, but a 2-0 start will help. Pick: Packers

Oakland vs. Kansas City: The Raiders played late on Monday so a good chunk of the country didn't get the chance to see what a pathetic team they are. The Raiders and Rams may be battling it out for the number one draft pick. The Chiefs on the other hand are showing some life. Pick: Chiefs

Indianapolis vs. Minnesota: Both of these teams were legitimate Super Bowl contenders and now they are both staring down the barrel of 0-2. I was more surprised at the Colts losing at home. Peyton Manning and the Colts looked slow on Sunday night. Is this the beginning of the end? I'm going with the home team this week. Pick: Vikings

New Orleans vs. Washington: The Redskins didn't get the notice that the season started early for them. They looked incredibly flat against the G-Men. The Redskins had a little extra time to fix things and are at home this week. Pick: Redskins

Chicago vs. Carolina: This one matches up the the two biggest surprise winners from last week. The Bears looked great from start to finish. The Panthers had control of the game then lost it and pulled it out in the end. When in doubt go with the home team. Pick: Panthers

Buffalo vs. Jacksonville: Roscoe Parrish had one of the greateast punt returns I have ever seen in my life last week against the Seahawks. I don't think the Jags will go 0-2 though. Pick: Jaguars

San Francisco vs. Seattle: The NFC West is just horrible. This could be the year someone goes 7-9 and makes the playoffs. As surprising as this may sound with all the injuries the Rams might have a better receiving corps than Seattle even with Eddie Kennison. Pick: Seahawks

Atlanta vs. Tampa Bay: The Falcons looked incredible in week one. Was it because they were playing the Lions or because Matt Ryan and Michael Turner are the base for a resurgent Falcons franchise? I think it was more the Lions than it was the Falcons. Pick: Buccaneers

Baltimore vs. Houston: This game has been moved to Monday due to hurricane Ike. This one is an important one for both teams. The Ravens could surprise everyone and get to 2-0. The Texans are better than what they showed last week though and they will get the win. Pick: Texans

New England vs. NY Jets: Brett Favre looked like he didn't miss a beat against the Dolphins defense. The biggest question of course is how do the Patriots move on without Brady. As great as he is there is more to this team than just Tom Brady. Sunday will be an example of that. Pick: Patriots

Miami vs. Arizona: Kurt Warner looked good in the opener and it looks like Ken Whisenhunt made the right decision. I think Warner will make it two in a row this week. Pick: Cardinals

San Diego vs. Denver: This one is a must for the Chargers but I think Denver is better than what everyone is giving them credit for. Pick: Broncos

Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland: The Browns were a dog in week one. I think this could be a long year for Browns fans. Pick: Steelers

Philadelphia vs. Dallas: Jessica Simpson apparantly has decided that she is a member of the Dallas Cowboys and can now talk smack towards Eagles fans. Clearly she doesn't know about the jail in the basement of Lincoln Financial. She should be very careful before she starts it up with the Philly fans. Ask J.D. Drew about that. It is not tree-mendous. That being said it won't matter. The Cowboys are on top of the NFL world for now. Pick: Cowboys

Last Week: 10-6 (.625) Not bad. I couldn't of been more wrong last week about the Lions and Colts. On the upside I hit on the Ravens and Titans. Let's see how week 2 works out.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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