Stop the Insanity -

Stop the Insanity

It is time to put an end to the Scott Linehan regime. I am not a fire the coach everytime a team loses kind of guy but we are at the end of the Linehan era here in St. Louis. This team followed up a pathetic performance in Philly with a gutless laydown against the Giants this afternoon. Where do you even begin with this team?

Where has the defense gone? I knew that the Rams secondary was a little shaky at the beginning of the season but saying it is a little shaky is like saying the Titanic was just a little shipwreck. They are awful. It is clear that Corey Chavous no longer has the speed to keep up. O.J. Atogwe is lost out there and Tye Hill is clearly overmatched in this league. Yet another wasted first round draft pick.

Then we get to the front seven who can't stop anyone from running the ball. Where are our defensive linemen? They do not force any sort of a pass rush and are just getting run over by the opposition's offensive line.

If you thought the defensive line was bad then you need to look over to the offensive side of the ball. I hope Marc Bulger and the Rams have a good insurance plan because the O-Line going to get him killed. He is getting crushed from every direction. It is no wonder he has happy feet in the pocket. You would too if you had to stand behind those guys. I know a lot of people are down on Marc but the truth is on the list of problems he is about number 20. There are so many problems out there.

While I am venting can we please stop throwing the ball to Dante Hall. He is NOT I repeat NOT an NFL caliber wide receiver. He is a returner and that is it. If he gets the ball one more time on some stupid end around that is not possibly going to work because our line doesn't hold out anybody long enough to run a play like that I am going to scream. It is also time to play Donnie Avery and Keenan Burton. This offense can not be that complex that they can't get on the field. If it is then clearly they were awful draft picks and that is yet another indictment of the Linehan regime.

It really ticks me off that we are going to sit through another season of bad football. I know that firing the head coach is not going to make a difference in the 2008 season but change has to begin somewhere. I was very impressed by the story about Chip Rosenbloom in the paper this morning by Bernie Miklasz. I get the feeling from what I read that Rosenbloom is really getting into being an owner and wants to see the football team successful again. His mother was more of a hands off owner. I hope he becomes more hands on and begins to mold the franchise after the successes that they had under his father's direction. Change must begin Now.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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