Can I change my mind? -

Can I change my mind?

In an earlier blog for this space, I wrote that I thought the Rams had a chance to surprise some people this year. I wrote that they just might be able to make a run at the NFC West title. Can I change my mind about that? Holy Smokes, how can any team be this bad? Coming off a 3-and-13 season nobody really expected them to be legitimate Super Bowl contender, but this is far worse than anyone could have predicted. When your two best players are the punter and the kicker you know you've got problems. The offensive line couldn't be worse. The receivers look old and slow. The quarterback is just trying to stay alive back there. The defense can't stop any team's running attack. The defensive backs routinely get burned for easy touchdowns. It's hard to believe just how desperate things have become. They wouldn't really go 0 and 16 would they? Wait a minute, who are they going to beat? Maybe the Dolphins in late November. Can't see any other team on the schedule the Rams would be favored to beat. It's so disappointing that a new season has begun, and two weeks into it we're already thinking about next year's first round draft pick. Clearly this franchise needs a major shake-up, top to bottom. I would expect to see the house cleaning begin during the Rams bye week. At that time they'll probably be 0 and 4. Skip Rosenbloom has been left with little choice other than to make some drastic changes and try to save this sinking ship.

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