NFL Picks Week 3 -

NFL Picks Week 3

When was the last time you saw an 0-2 football team be a 10 point favorite over anybody? Well the Seattle Seahawks have somehow managed to have that happen to them. That just tells you how bad the Rams have been this season. The Seahawks season is on the brink and we know that the only thing on the brink at this point for the Rams is Scott Linehan's job. You have to think that the Seahawks will not let this one get away and until the Rams show a pulse you can't even consider taking them and the points. Give me the Seahawks this week even without 6 wide receivers. Seattle 27 Rams 3

One other note from this week. I have been shocked at the amount of viewers upset with the NFL games we have been showing on KMOV. I want to tell you the reader that our intention is always to get the best game for the people of St. Louis each and every week. The problem that I see is that viewers don't understand, first, the NFL rules on how we can pick games and two that their own personal opinions on what games we should televise may not be the most popular for eveyrone in the area. My feeling is this. If you are a 49ers fan and you want to make sure you see every one of their games then there is a way to do that. This is not 1982 and you are stuck with whatever games the local affiliate is showing. We do our best but we are never going to make everyone happy.

So with that being said here are the rest of the picks for this week.....

Kansas City vs. Atlanta: The Chiefs are bad the Falcons have shown a pulse. Pick: Atlanta

Oakland vs. Buffalo: I have been very surprised at how well the Bills have played in the first two weeks. I had the Bills losing to the Rams in Week 4 at the beginning of the season. I sure don't feel that way now. Bills on their way to 4-0. Pick: Buffalo

Tampa Bay vs. Chicago: The Bears by all rights should be 2-0 winning two road games but they blew the game in Carolina. Now that they are home I expect the Bears to get their second win this week. Pick: Chicago

Houston vs. Tennessee: The Texans are coming off an unexpected bye week due to the hurricane. I get the feeling the Texanss team is going to be distracted and the Titans are a good football team. That is a bad combination. Pick: Tennessee

Carolina vs. Minnesota: I have been on the Vikings train all year and have now been burned twice. I can't be burned a third time can I? Pick: Minnesota

Miami vs. New England: I loved how all the sports pundits forgot that football is a team game. No matter how good Tom Brady is there are 21 other starters that play the game and have won Super Bowls. They are still a good team with Matt Cassel. Pick: New England

Cincinnati vs. NY Giants: After watching the Giants here in St. Louis I am still not in awe of this team but I will give them this....They know how to do just enough to win. They will beat ocho cinco by more than uno cuatro. Pick: NY Giants

Arizona vs. Washington: When I was a child growing up in St. Louis I never saw the Cardinals win at RFK. I still to this day curse Neil O'Donaghue's name and will never forgive him. Pick: Washington

Detroit vs. San Francisco: Until this week I didn't know that the 49ers season was the Mike Martz reunion tour. He will get his first piece of revenge this week when he hangs 40+ on an awful Lions team. Pick: San Francisco

New Orleans vs. Denver: The football gods smiled down on Mike Shanahan with the referee's mistake in the final minute. He then honored their help by going for two. The football gods are smiling kindly on the Broncos. Pick: Denver

Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia: What in the world was Desean Jackson doing against the Cowboys. As it turned out it didn't matter but the football gods don't look kindly on that sort of play. This is a very even game so I will give the nod to the home team. Pick: Philadelphia

Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis: You have to love the NFL. The Colts season was on the line in Minnesota in Week 2. If they don't come back you have to wonder if they have any chance at the playoffs. They get the win and look like they are back on track. Pick: Indianapolis

Cleveland vs. Baltimore: If you think the dawg pound is howling at Romeo Crennel just wait till this week is done. Pick: Baltimore.

Dallas vs. Green Bay: This is the game of the week. I have been pleasantly surprised by how well Aaron Rodgers has played in the first couple weeks. Right now though the Cowboys are the best team on the planet. Pick: Dallas

NY Jets vs. San Diego: I know the Chargers got screwed on Sunday. Ed Hochuli has been said to be devastated at the call. I referee high school football and if I screw up a call I feel awful I can't imagine how bad he feels considering how much money is involved in what he is doing. I know people in San Diego aren't happy with how the rule was applied but Hochuli did call it correctly once his mistake was done. I sure hope this doesn't cost them a playoff spot. Pick: San Diego

Last Week: 11-4 (.733) A tremendous week of prognostication.

Season: 21-10 (.677) A great start let's see if it continues this week.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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