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Why The Rams Are Horrible

It may seem too simplistic to give one answer to why the Rams are as bad as they are this season. They can't defend. They can't create offense. Their play calling on both sides of the ball is questionable at best. The head coach does not inspire confidence and all signs are pointing to an early dismissal. But the biggest reason the Rams are the worst team in the NFL this season is because of their inability to draft during Scott Linehan's tenure. Let's take a look pick by pick in his three years here....


1-Tye Hill....struggling cornerback who wouldn't be on the team probably if he wasn't a #1 pick.
2-Joe Klopfenstein....on roster not playing
3-Claude Wroten...released
3-Jon Alston...released
4-Victor Adeyanju....average defensive end. Great against the run but no pass rush to speak of.
5-Marques Hagans...released
7-Tim McGarigle.....released
7-Mark Setterstrom...on roster...injured
7-Tony Palmer...released


1-Adam Carriker....starter but not a huge impact thus far
2-Brian Leonard....on roster not playing
3-Jonathon Wade....on roster not much of an impact
5-Dustin Fry...released
5-Clifton Ryan...backup defensive lineman....low impact
6-Ken Shackleford....released
7-Keith Jackson...released
7-Derek Stanley...released


1-Chris Long...started every game.....low impact thus far
2-Donnie Avery....little impact 3 catches in 3 games
3-John Greco...on roster hasn't played
4-Justin King...injured will miss season
4-Keenan Burton....zero catches...injured
5-Roy Schuening....on roster hasn't played
7-Chris Chamberlain....special teams player
7-David Vobora....released

What this tells you in black and white is that the Rams have drafted horribly under Scott Linehan and that is the biggest reason why Linehan will lose his job. Granted he is not the only one in the room making decisions but he certainly has some say in who they are selecting. When you have 3 drafts and manage to get just 2 starters out of it you can't possibly win. On top of not getting starters you aren't even developing depth and that is the biggest issue with this team. You can't look at this team and say if the Rams were only starting so and so than they would have a chance. The Rams are putting their best 22 out there and there is nothing behind them that is better. There is no organizational depth and that is the first thing that needs to be addressed in the off season. Not only do they need starters but they need backups too.

This team will go down as the worst team in St. Louis professional football history and that is saying something for this city. The answer to why they are so bad is as simple as looking at the draft selections they have made during the Linehan era.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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