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What's Tony thinking now?

Have you seen the line-ups that Tony La Russa has put on the field the past few days? What's he thinking now? First of all, with the Arizona Diamondbacks still in the pennant race, don't the Cardinals owe it to the D-backs competition (the L.A. Dodgers) to play these games hard? Wouldn't the Cardinals expect the same if the situation was reversed? And why hasTony been playing Adam Kennedy in rightfield this past week? If you're not going to put your best line-up on the field, shouldn't you at least take a look at some of the young guys just called up from the minors? Wouldn't you like to see what they can do? How about trying somebody, like Skip Schumaker, at another position to see if he could be a more valuable asset in the future. Schumaker was drafted as a shortstop. Why not give him a few games at second base to see if he could handle that position? Craig Biggio of Houston made the switch from catcher to second, why not take a look-see with Schumacker? It just seems to me that the Cardinals aren't getting much out of the final two weeks of the season, when they could do some experimenting and maybe learn something that would help in the future. If you're not going to do that, then at least play the best line-up you can put on the field. There are so many things that La Russa does that I just don't understand.

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