NFL Picks Week 4 -

NFL Picks Week 4

Change is in the air here in St. Louis. The Rams have decided that Trent Green gives the Rams their best chance to win this week. This is probably the last act of a desperate man but you can't blame Scott Linehan for giving it a shot. Marc Bulger was not good last week. The problem is that the Rams have so many more issues than quarterback play. If they aren't able to stop anyone defensively it doesn't matter what the offense does.

The Bills have been a team that you still can't figure out. They are 3-0 so that tells you they are pretty good. But a win over the Seahawks and a last second win over the Raiders softens their 3-0 record. They aren't exactly world beaters. You would have to think the Bills are an easy pick this week. Just be aware of this one stat this weekend. When the Rams games air on KMOV the Rams are 13-3. That record is through some good teams and some bad ones. It just happens that the Rams are on KMOV at 3 pm on Sunday. I will not be betting on KMOV saving this team though. Pick: Bills 27 Rams 14

Here are the rest of the NFL Picks......

Cleveland vs. Cincinnati: The only state that can say they have as bad of professional football teams as Missouri is Ohio. The Browns have to get right this week don't they? Pick: Browns

Minnesota vs. Tennessee: This will be a tight game and may be over in two and a half hours. Both teams love to run the football. Keep an eye on the Titans they could be a Super Bowl team. Pick: Titans

Denver vs. Kansas City: The Chiefs are going on their third starting quarterback in three weeks. They do have four on the roster so expect Ingle Martin from Furman to start next week. Pick: Broncos

San Francisco vs. New Orleans: This one has all the makings of being an old-fashioned NFC West shootout. I wish the Saints were still in the division. Pick: Saints

Arizona vs. NY Jets: The Jets have a short week but the Cardinals historically have never played well on the East coast. Pick: Jets

Green Bay vs. Tampa Bay: Your telling me that you are going to let Brian Griese throw the ball 70 times in a game and win? That is shocking. I wish teams would not be afraid to do that if it is successful. Balance is truly overrated in football. Pick: Buccaneers

Atlanta vs. Carolina: The Falcons have won two games at home against inferior opponents. Winning on the road is a whole different deal. Pick: Panthers

Houston vs. Jacksonville: The Texans look like a team that is going to struggle to score again this season. That is not good going up against another stout defense. Pick; Jaguars

San Diego vs. Oakland: Even though it is a short week I can't imagine the Chargers having problems this week. Pick: Chargers

Washington vs. Dallas: This is the marquee matchup of the weekend. It will be interesting to see if the Cowboys can continue to play this well. This trip to Washington has always been problems for the Cowboys in good times and bad. I just don't think the Redskins can keep up with the Cowboys speed. Pick: Cowboys

Philadelphia vs. Chicago: My heart is telling me that the Bears will win this one at home but the Eagles are really good. Last week's street fight against the Steelers shows me how tough they are. Pick: Eagles

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh: Joe Flacco and the Ravens have been playing the equivalent of Missouri's non-conference schedule with Cleveland and Cincinnati. Things change this week. Pick: Steelers

Last Week: At stellar 13-3 for a .813 winning percentage. For the season I am 34-13 with a .723 winning percentage. Jimmy the Greek has nothing on me.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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