The Dirty Work Begins -

The Dirty Work Begins

Word came down early this morning that Scott Linehan has been fired from the St. Louis Rams. As I have stated in many previous posts this is exactly what has needed to be done. But this is only the beginning.

Wholesale changes are still needed at Rams Park on every level. The most important one is a change at the top. The Rams are in desperate need of someone who will be the face of the organization.

Someone who everyone in Earth City has to answer to. Someone who everyone in town knows is the leader of the franchise. Someone who will settle all of the internal arguments. Someone who will make the calls on draft day.

That person whoever he may be will be the most important change to happen at Rams Park since the day the Rams decided to move to St. Louis.

This franchise is at a complete crossroads. It has ownership questions, front office questions, on field questions and all have to be answered in a short amount of time.

The firing of Scott Linehan today does not cure anything with the Rams. But it is a start to the cleaning up of a once proud franchise. The first move has been made now the real dirty work begins.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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