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Bulger Back In

The changes keep coming out at Rams Park. As expected Jim Haslett's first move as head coach was to put Marc Bulger back in at starting quarterback. There is no question in my mind that this was the right thing to do. If the Rams are going to win some ball games this season they are going to have to sink or swim with Bulger.

That being said I would not just hand over the keys and say this team is yours for ever and ever. It was clear that the relationship between Bulger and Scott Linehan was poor at best. That does not give the quarterback an excuse for his poor play. The fact is Marc has not been as good as he once was for a number of reasons. Marc needs to play better.

The two most important things a quarterback needs is confidence that his offensive line is going to block for him and that the gameplan and playcalling he is receiving is good. One of those components has changed with the departure of Linehan. The other is a work in progress. If the interior of the line doesn't start producing soon I would not be afraid to bench a Richie Incognito for a younger player. The fact is the center/guards combination has been maybe the worst part of this team's play in the first four games. If Marc Bulger is going to regain his previous form he is going to have to stop having happy feet and start stepping into throws and that begins with confidence in his offensive line.

Hopefully a week off to reflect, a bye week, and a change of coach will get him ready and pumped for the Redskins in two Sundays.

This is a good first step for Jim Haslett.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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