Huskers Show How Far They've Fallen -

Huskers Show How Far They've Fallen

In a not-too-distant past, if you heard the Mizzou-Nebraska score was 52-17, most would assume the Tigers came up on the short end of that tally. But things have changed in Columbia, and winning against the Huskers could now become common-stance.

Based on some of their "alleged" actions Saturday, don't think the Big Red will accept a subordinate role in this rivalry anytime soon. Nebraska committed 14 penalties in the game, including hitting Mizzou quarterback Chase Daniel late. And according to reports, they should have been flagged numerous times before the game even started. According to Daniel, he was spit on by a Husker while he had his helmet off, and Nebraska players were throwing footballs at him and his teammates during warm-ups.

You could easily blow this off as a bunch of hear-say between two teams that hate one another. But the fact that Nebraska has been flagged for eight personal fouls in their five games this season, may prove it's a trend. And the players aren't the only ones guilty. Head coach Bo Pelini was called for a personal foul during their tilt with Virginia Tech on September 27. So, it looks like the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

This is a Nebraska team that between 1979 and 2002 beat Mizzou like the Tigers owed them money. The worst stretch came between '93 and '96 when Missouri scored a total of three touchdowns on the black shirts in four games. The biggest mugging came in 1991, when the Huskers mowed down the cats 63-6 in Lincoln.

But that seems like a distant memory after Saturday, and could be a preview of Husker football for some time to come. Since the start of the 2006 season, the Huskers have lost 14 games. In the last ten years of Tom Osborne's coaching career at NU (1988-1997) they lost only 15, including three national titles. Osborne, now athletic director, probably pops Tums like M&M's.

Now granted, most current Huskers were in elementary school when Nebraska won it's last football title in 1997, and probably have no recollection of the past dominance over Mizzou. But it's a clear the Huskers deal from the bottom of the deck, and Pelini isn't keeping the reigns tight enough on his team.

So, if the Tigers can keep their dream season going, they'll prove to Nebraska that spit wipes off. Losing stays with you the all year.

Todd Schumacher
News-4 Sports

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