Chase Daniel's Legacy -

Chase Daniel's Legacy

After the events that transpired down in Columbia this past weekend the Missouri Tigers football season is on the brink. All the hopes and dreams that the state had for a national championship now are about done. There is a chance but the margin for error is down to none. The only chance the Tigers have of winning the BCS Trophy is by running the table. To do that they have to start this weekend by going on the road and beating the #1 team in the country, Texas.

The key to the whole puzzle to me is Chase Daniel. Not only are the team's national title hopes on the line but frankly so is Daniel's legacy. There is no question that Daniel is a tremendous college quarterback. He is going to own every passing record that Missouri has to offer but frankly if the Tigers don't do the unexpected and beat Texas on the road then this season will go down in Missouri football lore as a bust.

The fact is Daniel was rattled on Saturday against Oklahoma State. I don't know what it was but he just didn't have "it". We have now seen this behavior 3 times the other two were against Oklahoma last season. If you want to be considered a Heisman Trophy candidate and the leader of a top 5 program then you need to win the games your supposed to and not be rattled in big games. Daniel has not done that.

Saturday's game in Austin is as big as it gets. If the Tigers win they are right back in the mix to get a shot at the National Championship. But if they lose the Chase Daniel and the 2008 Tigers will always be labeled as a team that underachieved. Their legacy is on the line Saturday. This is the difference between playing in the BCS or playing in the Holiday Bowl. We'll find out on Saturday which way this season is going to go.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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