Is There A Chance.... -

Is There A Chance....

Is there a chance the Rams can beat the Cowboys this weekend? One month ago I say no way but now on Wednesday I think there is a chance. Anytime a team loses their all-pro quarterback that is a big loss. Add into that losing a Pac-Man, losing a punter and a loss at Arizona. Then you throw the Rams coming off their first win, an impressive one, at Washington and I think there is a chance they can win this weekend. I wouldn't put it in the likely category but I would put it at 20%.

Is there a chance the Blues are a playoff team? We are obviously still very early in this season but I am willing to drink a little Kool-Aid at this point. This team sure looks like a playoff team with Manny Legace in net. The question will be can the kids play at this high of a level for 82 games and can Legace stay healthy for the entire season. There will be stretches where they probably won't but I think this team has a legitimate shot at the playoffs. I won't quite say there are good odds of it happening but I do have some hope at least.

Is there a chance the Cardinals could acquire Jake Peavy? Word out of San Diego is that Jake Peavy is available for the right price. I am guessing that the right price would start with Colby Rasmus and Bryan Anderson. If I was running the Cardinals I would make a very competitive offer for Peavy. Peavy is the difference between possibly being a playoff team and being a World Champion. Peavy is in his prime and more importantly is locked in for 4 years. Those are things that don't become available very often. I hope if the Padres are serious and if Peavy would like to come here then the Cardinals move heaven and Earth to make it happen. Knowing this ownership group my guess is that it is a pipe-dream.

Is there a chance the Tigers beat #1 Texas this weekend? I think this actually has the best chance to happen. It all comes down to the Tigers not locking up in a pressure situation. This is maybe the most important game in Gary Pinkel's career and will most certainly be the most important in Chase Daniel's college career. A win for Pinkel solidifies his position as a top college football coach and it means Missouri is a top college football program. I am not sure they are there yet. They are very good but to say they are a top team like a USC then they need to win a big game on the road. For Chase Daniel a win puts him back at the top of the Heisman race a loss most likely ends all of that and probably means that he doesn't even make it to the final ballot. Everything rides on this game. I give the Tigers a shot but I don't have a good feeling about it.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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