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Mizzou wins big. Does it matter now?

Missouri's 58-0 win over Colorado was an impressive, dominating performance over a Big 12 conference opponent. In years past, we would have jumped up and down and done cartwheels to see a Missouri team handle Colorado like that. Still, I find it hard to get excited about this win. I won't care much if they beat Baylor 100-0. This was suppose to be the year the Tigers had a realistic chance to win a national championship, and now they have almost no chance to earn a BCS bowl game. The losses to Oklahoma State and Texas have left me feeling that this Missouri team is a "paper" Tiger. They can blow out the weak teams, but when it's time to play the big boys we see a completely different team. They looked scared and timid at Texas. They couldn't handle the pressure of a close game against Oklahoma State, in Columbia no less. I don't mean to downplay the turn-around of this program. Gary Pinkel has done a remarkable job. Missouri football is fun again. I look forward to every game they play. I guess I've just gotten spoiled by the recent success. They played great against Colorado, but it does it matter now? It's too late to get back into the national title chase, and anything less than that is a major disappointment. Yep, I'm spoiled.

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