The Cesspool Of American Sports -

The Cesspool Of American Sports

Last night Philadelphia removed all doubt that the cesspool of American Sports is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We should have known that it was going to be another classless showing by the Philadelphia sports fans but once again they had to prove they were number one in the country for being everything wrong with a sports fan in America.

Lets begin with a little history lesson. This is the city that has a courtroom in the bottom of their football stadium because of the fighting and intoxication. This is the city that booed Santa Claus at an Eagles game. This is a city that regulary rips their star athletes for dubious reasons. This is a city that chucks batteries out of the upper deck at visiting athletes. This is a city that cheered as a Dallas Cowboys player lay motionless on the ground. The list goes on and on.

Last night the Philly faithful once again showed their true colors. After winning their first title since 1983 in any major sport they celebrated and were happy right? Nope. They managed to show their true colors once again. The report was they had to make over 80 arrests. 10 businesses were also vandalized in the "celebration". That sometimes happens in cities but when you add on top of it that they booed the commissioner mercilessly and then booed Charle Manuel the WINNING manager as he was receiving the World Series trophy that was the icing on the cake.

I know several people from the Philadelphia area who always try to sell me on their fanbase being passionate and they just love their teams and players. The reality is they are everything that is wrong with sports fans. They can't just have fun and enjoy their teams successes. They are an obnoxious lot who as far as I am concerned are the worst sports fan base in the country. 25 years between championships isn't long enough for that city.

One title they won't ever lose. Worst sports fans in America.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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