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Sports and Politics

I think I speak for a great number of Americans in saying I can not wait for the election to be over. I am just tired of hearing about it. Everything that can be said has been said over and over and over again. One of the main reasons I want the election to be over is because I want sports to return back to being sports instead of campaign appearances.

I don't need to see the two candidates tonight on Monday Night Football. I don't need to see a VP candidate at a hockey game. It isn't like someone is going to vote for one of these two guys tomorrow because they were funny with Chris Berman. They are also not going to vote for one of these two tickets because Sarah Palin dropped the puck at a Blues game. From a political perspective I am a big seperation of church and state guy. That also holds true in sports. I want my politics and sports seperate. I know it is everywhere in our society but I just want to enjoy the game.

The other thing that is interesting to me about Tuesday night is how it is covered by TV. Sports broadcasting has taught news departments how to cover elections. The graphics and commentary you see about political events has its roots in sports broadcasting. Howard Cosell was the first example of this. Someone who is very opinionated and will make bold statements while talking about two sides trying to beat each other. Does that sound like any political pundits we know? That sucked people into Monday Night Football in the 70's and that is what sucks people into CNN, Fox, MSNBC etc. today in 2008.

Sports has always been about entertainment and that is what these news channels are, especially when they are covering election night. Election Night is about scores and analysis. What does that sound like?

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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