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Was it crazy to fire Mad Mike?

When Mike Martz was fired by the Rams after the 2005 season, it really didn't take too many people by surprise. Martz lost a power struggle with Jay Zygmunt, and was often criticized for his game day management. IHis personality seemed to change after the Super Bowl loss to New England. It sure seemed like it was time for him to go. But look what's happned to the Rams since he left. The Rams were 56-36 under Martz. They've gone 17-35 since he left. The level of talent on the roster has falling off dramatically from when Martz was making the personel decisions. Martz was definitely a lightning rod for controversy, and said some things here that were truly bizarre ("I didn't realize Steven Jackson didn't get in the game"). But the fact of the matter is the Rams were an exciting team during the Martz era, it was must-watch football every Sunday. Martz is the offensive coordinator of the 49ers now, the Rams opponent this Sunday. As frustrating as he was at times during his reign here, Mike Martz was largely responsible for the most exciting football we've ever had in St. Louis. For that, we should be thankful.

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