Baseball salary talk is making me ill -

Baseball salary talk is making me ill

To hear about major league baseball teams offering record breaking contracts to free agents makes me a little bit ill. How is it that the rest of the American economy is in the tank, and the Yankees can still offer CC Sabathia more than 137 million dollars? I understand the concept of supply and demand, and I'm all for capitalism. But these baseball salaries are hard to stomach. Everyday we read about another major corporation laying off hundreds, or even thousands of employees. Are there going to be enough people left with high paying jobs to support major league teams next season, or into the near future? Many teams have already announced ticket price increases for the 2009 season. It seems to me that some teams may be setting themselves up for real financial trouble if they take on these huge salaries, and then see revenues decline at the box office, in merchandising and broadcast advertising. I wouldn't blame the Cardinals at all if they played it safe with their free agent acquisitions. I'm really not in the mood to see them shell out huge dollars for mediocre players, at a time when way too many people in St. Louis are losing their jobs.

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