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Pujols Wins But Should He?

Albert Pujols won the MVP vote today by the BBWAA over Ryan Howard by a decent margin this afternoon. I thought the vote was actually going to go the other way heading into today and I was mildly surprised that Pujols won the award. It is not that Pujols did not have a great season because he certainly did. Why it surprised me was that Howard's team made the playoffs and Pujols' team did not and when two players are somewhat even then it usually goes to the player on the winning team.

This was not Albert Pujols greatest year as a major leaguer. As far as Home Runs this was his fifth best season. For Batting average it was his second best and for RBI's it was his seventh best. Those three stats aren't the only numbers to look at but it tells you that even by Albert's lofty standards this was not his best year.

That being said, there were years in the past where Albert should have won the MVP award but was not awarded it because of Barry Bonds so maybe this was a little bit of a make-up vote to Pujols. He certainly should have more MVP awards by now in his career then the one that he had before this morning.

The biggest knocks I have on Ryan Howard was that his batting average was not good (.251), he struck out too many times (199) and he disappeared in the months of April (.168 5 HR 12 RBI), June (.234 5 HR 26 RBI) and August (.213 7 HR 19 RBI). Howard was awesome in September and should be commended for that, but Pujols never disappeared at any point in the season and that to me is what an MVP is.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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