Finally Some Positive Sports News -

Finally Some Positive Sports News

It is nice to have a little bit of positive news on the St. Louis sports scene in the past two days after having a miserable fall and what looks like a miserable winter. The first big thing was the obvious of Albert Pujols winning the MVP award on Monday. Today we found out that he is now also teaming up with Jeff Cooper and St. Louis Soccer United in the attempt to bring an MLS team to St. Louis.

I am the resident soccer guy in the KMOV Sports office so I am in the bag for getting a team here. What I fear is that the people at the MLS office don't really want to have a team in St. Louis. They like having Jeff Cooper and his group to fall back on so they can get into bigger markets. That is why Philadelphia just got a team and St. Louis didn't in the last expansion go-round.

The other good piece of news could come tomorrow when the NCAA announces Final Four sites and St. Louis is in the running. That was one of the best weeks of my career here at KMOV. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun to cover and I am hopeful that St. Louis does receive the bid. Downtown St. Louis has never been as vibrant as it was for that one week in 2005. It lit up downtown in a way I have never witnessed and I am including World Series and NFL Playoff games. It was a blast and I hope I am around to see it happen again. Lets hope we are on a good run now and we get the Final Four Wednesday and then Illinois wins their game Saturday to get in a bowl and the Rams win on Sunday over the Bears. OK maybe we won't push our luck that far.

Tim Klutsarits
KMOV Sports

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