The Dome Problem -

The Dome Problem

Today was the first serious sign to everyone in St. Louis about the future of sports in this town. When the NCAA announced that the city did not receive a Final Four bid it should have sent a very serious and loud message to everyone in this town....the Dome is not good enough going forward for major sporting events and in turn is not going to be good enough going forward for the professional football team.

I know that this country and city are in the midst of probably the greatest financial crisis in my lifetime but we as a community really need to decide how important sports is to the St. Louis region. If it is important then we need to start making plans on what to do about the Dome. It is becoming obsolete now so you can only imagine what it will be in another 10 years. If the Dome situation is not fixed we will no longer get major events like the Final Four and make no mistake we will lose the Rams to another city. It will happen.

The question becomes is it important enough to this region to make something happen? In my opinion it is but I certainly understand why others would have a different view. We have a lot of serious questions in government spending facing us in the next few years and sports venues will be down near the end of the list.

My hope is the Rams the city and county can come together and make something happen. What scares me is that the Rams are up for sale, the city and county are both scared about the financial crisis (and rightfully so), and nobody will want to do anything for several more years. My fear is several years from now is going to be too little too late.

The Dome is a huge problem on the St. Louis sports scene. What happens to that building in the next 10 years will be the most important issue facing the region's sports fans for the foreseeable future. The NCAA fired the shot today were people listening?

Tim Klutsarits KMOV Sports

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