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Haslett says Bulger is starter for next 2 years

Rams head coach Jim Haslett says Marc Bulger will be the Rams starting quarterback for the rest of this year year, next year and most likely 2010 as well. Regardless of how he plays. Bulger signed a huge contract that could be worth as much as $65 million, and the Rams would take a big hit to their salary cap if he were to be traded. Haslett says it wouldn't make much sense to acquire another highly paid quarterback to become the starter, and put Bulger on the bench. It would also be a major embarassment for the franchise to have to make that move. So, doesn't that get you excited about the future of this team? Bulger was a terrific quarterback a few years ago, but he appears to suffer from "battered quarterback syndrome" now. He's been nothing short of awful this season. More interceptions than touchdown passes, a quarterback rating of 72. Obviously, not all of the Rams problems are his fault, but it looks like he's more a part of the problem than the solution. Unless we see a dramatic turnaround from Bulger, the Rams may be doomed to a few more seasons of hideous offensive football. Can't wait.

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