Mayor of north St. Louis County city kicked out of office -

Mayor of north St. Louis County city kicked out of office

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( – A court has issued an injunction to kick Wellston Mayor Linda Whitfield out of office.

The Wellston City Council pushed for an injunction after Whitfield was re-elected even though she had been impeached in March. A Wellston ordinance bars someone who has been impeached from serving in office.

The council is alleging Whitfield mismanaged funds, made illegal hires, and signed contracts without council approval.

“There was anger at first there was frustration at first,” Councilman Sam Shannon said. “To believe we as a council body and elected officials couldn't enact our own laws for the betterment of our community but it looks like all of that has changed.”

Shannon told News 4 he believes Whitfield’s is a positive development for Wellston.

“I believe she was holding us back but now I think the town is ready to move forward,” Whitfield said.

Shannon said an interim mayor will be chosen at a city council meeting May 27 and a special election will be held down the road to pick a permanent replacement.

News 4 went to Whitfield's home to obtain a comment, but there was no answer at the door.

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