Caseyville fires police chief for third time -

Caseyville fires police chief for third time

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CASEYVILLE, Ill. (AP) -- A southwestern Illinois village has fired its police chief for the third time in three months.

Caseyville officials voted Wednesday to fire Jose Alvarez—again. Since February, Alvarez was fired twice and then reinstated. He’s been on paid administrative leave for the past three weeks in response to being charged in April with two misdemeanors after an outburst at a public meeting in February.

Mayor Len Black cast the deciding vote for Alvarez’s ouster. He says 61-year-old Alvarez had a “terrible temper” and most of the village’s police officers didn’t want to work with him.

Alvarez’s attorney, Robert Jones, says he plans to challenge the vote because village officials violated the municipal code and didn’t give Alvarez a chance to publicly defend himself.


Scott Miller is acting police chief.

Watch the video of the outburst below. Click here if using a mobile device.

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