Family says ambulance company charged huge bill for bump on head -

Family says ambulance company charged huge bill for bump on head

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( – A father told News 4 his family was left with an outrageous bill after his daughter bumped her head at Lambert Airport.

John Fernau told News 4 his daughter, 2, hit her head on the TSA podium at security.

“She had a little bit of a knot and a little bit of a bruise,” Fernau said.

Fernau said the family was soon approached by an airport police officer, who asked Fernau’s wife if they wanted someone to look at the bump. Fernau said the airport called an ambulance and did not tell the family.

“She just thought they were just checking on her to make sure she was okay, she had no idea they were calling an ambulance,” Fernau said.

News 4 has learned Abbott EMS, who is contracted by the airport, responded to call. Paramedics checked Fernau’s daughter blood pressure and gave her an ice pack. Fernau said the family then received a bill for $273 in the mail.

“When I told her that we were billed for what happened there, her first response was, ‘I was tricked,’ Fernau said.

Abbot EMS told News 4 the family was billed the same amount as anyone patient who is not transported. Fernau said he called to dispute the charge.

“They basically told me, we were dispatched, we responded we provided treatment, pay the bill,” Fernau said.

Abbott EMS Said they will review Fernau’s case and may rescind the charge.

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