Climate change may cause cereal prices to rise -

Climate change may cause cereal prices to rise

( -- Your morning breakfast may be changing soon, especially if you have cereal before you head out the door. That's because the price of breakfast cereal may be rising.

Some experts believe shifting weather patterns causing droughts and floods could double corn and rice prices by 2030.

Because corn and rice are the main ingredients in some cereals, the price of your favorite cereal could be going up.

Global Aid and charity group Oxfam says Frosted Flakes could be 20 percent more expensive by 2030 due to climate change.

Kix could be up to 24 percent more expensive and the price of Corn Flakes could rise 30 percent.

Oxfam is urging cereal manufacturers to reduce emissions and greenhouse gasses to help with climate change.


This rise in prices comes after the USDA says beef is now running around $5.50 a pound, a 46 cent increase since January. Pork is up about 20 cents a pound.  





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