Board of Education votes to lapse Normandy School District -

Board of Education votes to lapse Normandy School District

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( – The State Board of Education voted on Tuesday to lapse the unaccredited Normandy School District and create the Normandy Schools Collaborative and appoint a Joint Executive Governing Board.

The Normandy School District will be lapsed starting June 30. The lapse will end all existing contracts held through the district.

Starting July 1, the Normandy Schools Collaborative will be created as a new local education agency which will encompass the Normandy School District footprint. Also on July 1, the Joint Executive Governing Board (JEGB) will be appointed to govern the Collaborative and replace the current elected board.

In a news release, Board Present Peter Herschend said “We are most concerned with the “We are most concerned with the 4,000 children in Normandy – making sure they receive high quality education. This is the only feasible way to have schools operating in the district next year.”

According to the Board, lapsing the district will allow for changes “in the educational experience offered to children”.

The Department will work closely with the Normandy superintendent to develop a calendar, schedule, budget and staffing plan for the 2014-2015 school year.

The Board plans to address a number of additional issues at its June meeting.


The suburban St. Louis district has been unaccredited since 2013, and a special task force was created to develop plans if Normandy were to lapse.

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