Surveillance: Ex-officer foils armed robbery attempt at Pacific -

Surveillance: Ex-officer foils armed robbery attempt at Pacific gas station

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( – Surveillance video caught a former police officer snatch a gun out the hand of a suspect who tried to rob a convenience store in Pacific.

Police told News 4 the incident occurred at BP convenience store on Osage Saturday. Former police officer John Uhrig said he was at the convenience store to buy milk when a robber pulled out a gun and demanded money from the clerk

"Paying the cashier and the next thing I know a young man's blasting into the room brandishing a firearm demanding money,” Uhrig said.

Uhrig, who was a police officer for 10 years said he didn’t think, he simply reacted.

“I guess the training took over. I identified a threat and I did what I needed to do to neutralize the threat and get it away from me and other people," Uhrig said. “For anybody who’s been in law enforcement or the military for any length of time that training will always stay with you.”

Pacific police praised Uhrig’s actions.

“We watched it many times, yes many times and he did it flawlessly, he did a very good job,” Det. Amanda Meyer with Pacific police said.

The suspect, 16, then fled the scene and ran home, but because he lives very close to the convenience store, police said a helpful person pointed to where he ran and police found him in his bathroom. They later determined the gun he used was a BB gun.

Police said they arrested the suspect and found out that he has a criminal history as a juvenile, but they told News 4 they hope he will be charged as an adult.

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