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Employee: ACA contractor with no work to do offering overtime

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks
By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

(KMOV.com) - According to the website of company that was given a $1.2 billion government contract, it’s involved in multiple government contracts that extend well beyond a health care processing facility in Wentzville, where employees have voiced concerns over a lack of work.

On its website, Serco touts their involvement with big time government deals such as personal support for troops, processing millions of visas and managing dozens of airport traffic control towers.

However, it's their $ 1.2 billion contract to process paper healthcare applications that has lawmakers demanding answers and employees from Wentzville to Arkansas speaking out.

"Basically it’s on the boring side, we wait for work to come, what little work we get doesn't keep us satisfied. There's nothing for us," one employee told News 4.

Now that employee said Serco is offering employees an opportunity to work overtime this weekend.

When asked why, the employee was told to catch up.

Other employees who work at a call center operated by Serco told News 4 they have to work until 12 a.m. even though they are not allowed to make calls after 9:00 p.m.

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