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Feldman: Michael Sams documentary postponement for the best

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

It was never a really good idea.  If Michael Sam was going to just blend in and be one of the guys in the Rams locker room then he should be treated like one of the guys.  And an average NFL rookie, let alone a 7th round pick, doesn’t get a documentary done on them by the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Sorry, Oprah.

It clearly bugged some people the wrong way and was starting to make waves with the fact the documentary was happening.  I would imagine this is why the powers that be decided to postpone this show for the time being.

Think about it.  You can’t have this not be a distraction.  The other players in the Rams locker room know what’s going on.  They know they’re being scrutinized for how they treat their teammate because Sam is the first openly gay NFL player in history.

How can they look at Michael Sam the same way if he has cameras following around his every move?  How can he be just a regular rookie trying to make a roster?  The veterans see that.  The veterans see #96 being made into a celebrity right before their eyes.

It would have been a nice story for Oprah’s network to be able to share.  They would’ve gotten outstanding ratings I am sure.  But, in the end, the reality is clear.  The logistics of making this documentary would have been a nightmare.

The Rams are trying to make this selection and subsequent tryout as easy as possible.  Sure, there’s going to be a lot of media.  Sure, there’s going to be a lot of attention.  That comes with the territory of drafting a guy like Michael Sam.

But there’s no need to pile on the attention.  There’s no need to pile on the complication of making this process as easy as possible.

Maybe one day Oprah can do a documentary on Michael Sam.  But that day just isn’t today.

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