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Local county closing women's health clinic

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(KMOV.com) – Lincoln County recently announced it will be closing down its women’s services clinic.

County officials told News 4 the clinic will close down July 1. The clinic provides over 500 women health screenings, pregnancy tests, and birth control. Health department officials said the clinic is closing because it was losing money. According to officials, for every dollar coming in, two were being spent just to keep doors open. The clinic had also been under scrutiny, officials claim it has been under risk for closure for more than a year.

“We're hoping that in that six weeks we can properly coordinate referrals to other providers, make sure our patients knew where to go and we don't leave anybody without a good healthcare option,” said Brett Siefert with the Lincoln County Health Department.

Officials said family planning was the only program to be cut, but Siefert said that has been a trend across the country.

“In looking at the issue for us we looked at other counties other states even throughout the Midwest and it does appear there is a trend here,” Siefert said.

Officials told News 4 the clinic may re-open if demand for its services if there is a demand in the future for its services.

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