Another employee of ACA contractor says employees have no work t -

Another employee of ACA contractor says employees have no work to do

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( – Another employee from a contractor that received over $1 billion in government money told News 4 there is little work to do.

The employee, who wants to remain anonymous, said he works at a Kentucky facility run by SERCO, which received $1.2 billion in taxpayer money to process paper applications from those seeking to buy insurance under the Affordable Care Act. News 4 has learned applications are sent to Kentucky where they are scanned into a computer before being sent to a SERCO facility in Wentzville.

Several workers from the Wentzville operation have told News 4 there has been little work to do and that they have played games to try to pass the time. The employee from Kentucky said the same thing has been happening where he works.

“When I walk out of there I feel like I haven't accomplished anything. They tell us we have these people enrolled in health coverage but that really isn't the case,” the worker from Kentucky said.

That employee said a lot of applications came in the mail during one day late in 2013, which led to a full day of work for the entire eight hour shift.

However, the worker also said he has done seven days-worth of work over the course of the eight months he has worked at SERCO.

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