Resident says north St. Louis County apartment complex is infest -

Resident says north St. Louis County apartment complex is infested with raccoons

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( – A resident of a north St. Louis County apartment complex told News 4 raccoons have invaded her building and that management is doing very little to stop it.

Felicia Thomas lives in the Oak Park Apartments, a Section 8 complex in north St. Louis County. Thomas said raccoons have been living above her ceiling since the roof collapsed because of ice and snow. She said she awakens every morning to the sound of the raccoons rumbling above her bedroom.

“Cats fighting, it's really loud, really loud bumping, scratching, when I cook in the kitchen I think they smell the aroma and they scratch like they are trying to get in,” Thomas said.

News 4 has learned traps have been set up on apartment balconies to try to catch the raccoons, but residents have said the animals use the traps as a stepping stool to make their way onto the ceiling.

Thomas told News 4 she has taken her concern to management and St. Louis County inspectors, but said she has not gotten any results.

The management company told News 4 they have called out a pest control company, but will call them out again to address the problem. Thomas said the issue goes beyond just noise and nuisance.

“This is a health issue,” Thomas said.  “I know it is because they're living up there and they're urinating and defecating up there over my head.”

The management company told News pest control is exploring other ways of getting rid of the raccoons and several residents said they are looking for other places to live.

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