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Police arrest men accused of stealing from Metro-East construction sites

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV.com) - Police said three thieves who were breaking into homes under construction and stealing anything not bolted down were recently arrested.

Deputies said 47-year-old Fredrick Williams, 54-year-old Darrell Roberson and 21-year-old Jamal Williams were working as a team. 

Two of them men were supposedly lurking around a Belleville house while the other man waited in the car.  Police said a neighbor noticed them and called 9-1-1 before deputies said they caught the team stealing a refrigerator.

All three suspects from Centreville are being held on bond. Fredrick Williams and Roberson have been charged with burglary, while Jamal Williams has been charged with theft of more than $500.

Deputies believe there are similar crime rings operating in the St. Louis area.


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