Metro East police department trying to cut down on dangerous cha -

Metro East police department trying to cut down on dangerous chases

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(  - Brooklyn, Il. police told News 4 they are going to use a new method to track down drivers who endanger officers.

Chief of Police Tony Tomlinson said the move comes after two chases where Tomlinson felt officers were in danger. Monday, Tomlinson said a driver hit an officer after a routine traffic stop and then led the officer on a high speed chase.

Wednesday, Tomlinson said another driver sped away after an officer tried to stop him and hit a police car that tried to join in on the chase.

Tomlinson said in both cases, the drivers were from Missouri. Tomlinson said recently, Brooklyn has been averaging 10 chases per week. He also told News 4 the chases involve drivers trying to leave strip clubs.

To address the problem, Tomlinson said the police department has been using stop sticks at the end of chases to slow down and capture the person who is fleeing from authorities.

 Tomlinson said the department currently catches 60 percent of the suspects involved in a chase, but Tomlinson said he believes the stop sticks will allow police to catch every suspect who is involved in a chase.

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