Voters in St. Ann must mail in ballots to vote on sales tax prop -

Voters in St. Ann must mail in ballots to vote on sales tax proposal

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( – The city of St. Ann says it needs to raise a sales tax to repair many roads within its borders.

All St. Louis County residents pay a tax to help pay for road improvements, but St. Ann wants to drop out of St. Louis County’s pool and raise its own tax to help pay for road projects. Officials told News 4 the tax is also necessary because it will replace the hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue that used come from Northwest Plaza.

The city said $3 million has already been allocated for road improvements and $25,000 per year to upgrade bus stops, but the tax to pay for it but must be approved by voters. However, voters who live in St. Ann must apply to vote on the measure, then receive a ballot in the mail, then mail the ballot back.

“The state statute that creates the Transportation Development District (TDD) requires that they be a mail in ballot,” St. Ann’s Director of Building and Zoning said.

If the measure is approved, St. Ann residents will pay a higher sales tax but will still receive St. Louis County sales tax money for cars, which could save residents money.

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