Lyons shelled in latest outing as Cardinals lose to league-worst -

Lyons shelled in latest outing as Cardinals lose to league-worst Cubs

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

(BaseballStL) — Tyler Lyons had three starts in place of Joe Kelly coming into Monday, and had two losses and a no decision to show for it. 

In 18 innings, he allowed only seven runs, but received only two in support. Monday night, he hit that mark in just two innings. Chicago was not fooled in the least by the young lefty, wracking up seven hits in the first 13 batters. 

“Tyler had a rough start, no question about it. Looked like just getting the ball in the middle of the plate,” said a terse Mike Matheny after the game. “Regardless of what pitch it was it seemed like he was finding more of the plate than he was looking for, and they didn’t miss them.”

Both Mike Olt and Junior Lake homered for the Cubs, and Emilio Bonafacio picked up a single and a double on his way to a four-hit evening. 

Lyons said after the game he felt good, but just didn’t get the results in his most recent start. 

“I’m not really sure, I haven’t looked at it too much. I just got hit,” he said. “I felt really good the first two innings. I felt a lot better the the first two innings than I did in the third and fourth.”

the lefty would make it only four innings on 69 pitches, giving up nine hits and nine runs in all, pushing his ERA to 6.12. He is now 0-3 in four starts. 

All this despite being ahead of 16 of the 23 hitters with a strike and throwing 50 total. 

“It’s just one of those things, sometimes you just get hit I guess,” he said. 

To add to a very long and very frustrating night, Lyons was randomly selected by Major League Baseball for a drug test after the game. It was his second selection in just five days, and prevented him from leaving the clubhouse until he could provide a sample for the test. 

As of 11:15 he was still unshowered and in uniform. 

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