Steel workers in Granite City say they are at risk of being laid -

Steel workers in Granite City say they are at risk of being laid off

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( – Steel workers in Granite City are concerned the government is not doing enough to protect their jobs.

Several workers with US Steel told News 4 they are closing watching an investigation of foreign companies that are accused of not playing by fair trade rules.  They contend that foreign companies are selling similar products in the United States below a fair value by selling them at a rate cheaper than the cost of production and are selling them at a cheaper in rate in the US than in their home country.

Friday, the Alliance for American Manufacturing plans to hold a rally in downtown Granite City. An owner of a Granite City restaurant told News 4 if the case comes out wrong way, jobs will be lost and it will have a negative ripple effect in Granite City.

“All these different mill affiliates that rely on them too,” Michael DeBruce with the Park Grill said. “So if they're not going good then none of the other stuff around it is going good and those people all eat here too. The domino effect goes down the line quite a bit.”

Workers at US Steel make flat rolled steel that goes to a Texas plant where it is made into pipes and tubes which are used in the oil industry.

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