Some say proposed Creve Coeur ordinance would violate free speec -

Some say proposed Creve Coeur ordinance would violate free speech rights

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( – Protesters are contending Creve Coeur may pass an ordinance that violates their First Amendment rights.

Organizers from a group known as the March Against Monsanto St. Louis have estimated 650 people have appeared up outside Monsanto’s Creve Coeur headquarters to protest the company’s agricultural and business practices. Sometimes, the protesters go into the street to hand out fliers. Police believe the protesters are putting themselves in danger, but one organizer told News 4 they are not.

“People step out in the streets all the time, so I don't think this is a safety issue, but I can understand why the Chief thinks it is,” said Susie Chasnoff.

Monday night, the Creve Coeur City Council will consider an ordinance that would limit protesters from walking out into a street.

The Creve Coeur Police Chief told News 4 the protesters are in danger of getting hit by a car, but the organizer said the proposed ordinance specifically mentions and targets those protesting Monsanto.

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