Mother fights off shark after being bitten at beach -

Mother fights off shark after being bitten at beach

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

North Carolina resident Kim Popp is recovering after being bitten by a shark at the beach.

Popp, her husband Jim and their two little ones spent most of the day Tuesday at Coligny Beach in Hilton Head, South Carolina.

Kim and the kids were in the water, while Jim watched from ashore.

“I felt a thud, a ball was thrown at me sort of,” said Popp. “And then I felt a heavy clamp on my foot.”

Popp says she pulled her foot up to look and see what happened.

“…That’s when is saw his nose up and I saw his teeth in my foot and I saw his eye. We looked eye to eye,” she recalled.

She says what may have been 20 seconds felt like an eternity.

“The women who were in front of me said it was 4 to 6 feet. That’s the range. Because I didn’t see his body. I saw his head. And I saw his mouth I knew he wasn’t small,” said Popp.

The screams became louder, but not because she had a shark hooked to her foot.

“I was yelling. I wanted my kids out of there, because I knew they were right next to me,” she said.

It turns out her shark was the only one that attacked, and she stared into its black eyes until she decided to fight back.

“I felt like I had to hit him to get him off. How am I going to get him off? I just hit him and luckily for me he released,” said Popp.

With a torn and bloody foot, Popp ran to shore, where two complete strangers who happened to be nurses ran over to help. She was taken to the hospital and continues to recover.

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